Benefits of Dog Harnesses
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Until recently, countless dog owners have been using leads to walk their dog. However, more and more people are now turning to dog harnesses instead. On the surface, these can just look like a rather snazzy accessory. But there is actually more to them than just appearance. Here are five great benefits to investing in a harness for your pooch.

Increased visibility 

Dog owners are forever concerned about losing their pet while out on a walk. Sadly, this anxiety is only heightened during the autumn and winter months when the evenings begin to draw darker much earlier. Harnesses can come in a selection of bright colours, meaning the dog can never again stray out of its owner’s sight. 

Less strain on the neck

Traditional leads can cause long-term damage to a dog’s health. This occurs when they pull on the lead and strain their neck. Over the years, this can cause damage to the dog’s bones and lead to regular discomfort in later life.

Increased control

It’s much easier to control a dog when they are being walked via a harness rather than on a lead. On a lead, a dog can feel like they are seizing control because the collar moves when they lunge forward. However, this trick won’t work for them when they are attached to a harness. This will ultimately discourage pulling because the canine won’t feel like it is giving them any sort of advantage. 

A lot less tangling

Over the years, all dogs – whether big or small – are more than likely going to get tangled in their lead. It perhaps happens more when they are young pups, but it’s not uncommon for older dogs to become tangled when they become a little overzealous. Luckily harnesses are designed so that it’s harder for the dog to become wrapped up during its walk.

Invest in a harness

If you haven’t already, now is the time to invest in a harness for your pet. Not only will you enjoy the increased control that comes with it, but your dog will surely appreciate how you have relieved the pain around its neck.
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