Dog Cooling Vest Breathable Cooling Coat


Product Name:Dog Cooling Vest, Breathable Cooling Coat




1.PERFORMANCE: soft and lightweight material for all range movements, the dog cooling vest also helps UV protective, prevent the strong sunlight from hot summer, protect dog from sunburn, make dog feel like in cool swamp


2.TECHNOLOGY: dog cooler with 3 layer cooling fabric, Soak it in cold water, wring it out, and put the cooling vest on your dog, Evaporative cooling principle, During the phase transition from liquid water to water vapor, temperature drops, mesh material help wicking water, middle absorbent cotton holding water isolate from dogs skin, mesh scatter the ice feel to 4-way of dogs body


3.DOG COOLING VEST: leash attachment point, ring on the dog's back allow you to get the best no pull for dog .


4.SIZE ADJUSTMENT: The buckle with adjustable strips keep dogs feel comfortable, The cooling jacket with Reflective design offer a high visibility .


5. HEAT REFLECTIVE: the dog cooling jacket work as a parasol and the gray color reflect the heat from sun, the green color higher visibility, the inside rope helps size adjust and rope with reflective helps security


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