Hemp Dog Collar with Metal Buckle for pet Dogs


Product Name: Hemp Dog Collar with Metal Buckle for pet Dogs


1. Good for Your Dog: Take your dog on an enjoyable walk in style.100% Natural Hemp and Natural Dyes will keep your dog safe from harsh chemicals and toxicity. Hemp's natural properties of Anti-microbial (will reduce odors when wet), UV resistance (Sunlight Safe), and hypoallergenic, makes it a great dog collar. The natural fibers will keep your pet in tune with nature. Remember, you can always match it with our leash and harness from the same collection.

2.Good for Earth: 100% Natural Hemp and Natural Dyes mean that it is green and Eco-friendly. The Hemp fiber is sustainable and renewable (we can plant it), compostable (return to the earth safely), recyclable, and Hemp farming uses very little water (half as much as cotton). All plastics and metals can be recyclable as well. Remember, you can always match it with our leash and harness from the same collection.

3.Comfort and Safety: Our 100% Hemp Natural Fibers are comb three times (spinning method) with our signature process that creates one of the softest hemp leashes, collars, and harness products available. Hemp is extremely durable and softens over time. Perfect for dog training. Do you want more comfort? We added a super soft fleece liner to give it the ultimate satisfaction to your loved dog or pet. The collar comes with a highly reflective stripe (reflective accents) for safer night walks.

4.Durability and Strength: 100% Hemp fiber means you are going to use one of the strongest natural fibers in nature. Hemp fiber is lightweight and absorbent, with three times the tensile strength of cotton. Our products use Double Heavy-duty stitching, Impact resistances Dura plastic buckle, and metal hardware to prevent ripping or breaking.


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