Biothane Dog Training Leash

Biothane Dog Training Leash


Product Name:Biothane Dog Training Leash




1.Green 6' x 3/4" - The Perfect Dog Training Leash for your Dog or Puppy. We have sizes for all dogs from the smallest to the largest. This is a leash I use in my training practice. It is comfortable, firm and you can feel comfortable working with your dog knowing you are the Leader.

2.Not only is this dog lead great for training, it is my leash of choice when walking, hiking and jogging with all dogs no matter if they are mild to heavy pullers. Six foot long by either 1/2 ", 5/8" or 3/4" wide. The leash is soft, comfortable and made from a material that is easily cleaned with soap and water. It should last for years as long as your dog doesn't chew it up!

3.Premium Quality Construction and Materials. Made in the USA. Feel confident that you are purchasing the best quality leash for your dog or puppy. These leashes are handcrafted. Made by the Amish ... craftsmen that have spent hundreds of years making things the right way. The leashes are constructed with Biothane material, the heir apparent to leather, and use brass fittings including an O-ring in the handle.

4.Our Leashes are easy to clean with soap and water. They maintain their feel and durability, and can be used in all kinds of weather and working conditions. It is truly Law Enforcement and Military grade professional dog training equipment.


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